Thai Pepper Wings   (6 pcs.) $5.95
Deep fried chicken wings marinated with a special thai sauce.
Chicken Satay   (4 pcs.) $5.95
Charcoal-grilled chicken tenders on skewers, marinated with Thai spices; served with peanut sauce and cucumber salad.
Thai Crispy Rolls   (4 pcs.) $5.75
Crispy rice paper filled with chicken and mixed vegetables; served with sweet chili sauce.
Thai Soft Spring Rolls   (3 pcs.) $5.95
Steamed vermicelli, cooked chicken, cabbage, carrot; wrapped in fresh spring roll skins, served with sweet and sour sauce and topped with ground peanuts.
Shrimp Shumai   (8 pcs.) $5.95
Choose either steamed or deep fried shrimp dumplings served with ginger sauce.
Pork Dumplings   (8 pcs.) $5.75
Steamed pork dumplings served with light soy sauce.
Todman  (5 pcs.) $5.95
Deep-fried ground chicken cakes mixed with string beans, egg and curry paste. Served with
sweet and sour sauce and topped with crushed peanuts.
Scallion Pancakes   (8 pcs.) $5.75
Golden Triangles   (8 pcs.) $5.75
Deep-fried egg roll skins stuffed with vegetables.
Tofu Triangles   (8 pcs.) $5.25
Deep fried tofu served with sweet and sour sauce, topped with crushed peanuts.
Crab Rangoon   (8 pcs.) $5.95
Crabmeat and cream cheese filling inside crispy wonton wrappers.
Bangkok Shrimp   (4 pcs.) $6.75
Crispy rice filled with shrimp and mixed vegetables served with chili sauce.
Sampler $8.95
Combination of:  (2) Crispy Rolls,  (1) Vegetable Roll,  (2) Chicken Satay,  (2) Golden Triangles and  (2) Crab Rangoon, served with peanut sauce and cucumber salad.
= somewhat spicy   = very spicy   = extremely spicy

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